Wildwood Farm is a local small-scale farm started by a young married couple, James & Paige Ewell.  Wildwood produces handcrafted goat milk soaps made with its raw goat milk, essential oils, herbs from the Wildwood Farm garden, and beeswax from Wildwood bees. They also produce herbal scrubs, beeswax products such as lip stuff, beard balm, & body balm, fresh chicken eggs, homemade jams, raw honey (seasonally), fresh cut sunflowers (seasonally), and cute pictures of goats! In the future, Aronia "Viking" berries, hardy kiwis, & pears will also be available.


James was born and raised in Williamsburg, while Paige moved to Williamsburg with her family in 2003.  Wildwood Farm was established in 2015 along with the couple’s marriage and dream of self-sufficient living.  They strive to produce enough goods to pay the bills, feed their family & friends, as well as give excess to those in need within the community.  Wildwood’s farmstead goals are to raise a family within a self-sufficient lifestyle, build relationships, become a part of the community, and support local agriculture & future generations of flora, fauna & mankind.


Wildwood Farm uses water and compost (produced on-site) on its gardens – that’s it!  They practice pasture rotation, seed saving, and try to give back to the earth as much as possible.  Nigerian dwarf dairy goats, chickens, honeybees, rabbits, and sunflowers (seasonally) occupy the two-acre farm – keeping things interesting at all times.


Wildwood Farm would love to connect with you and extend the Wildwood family!  Feel free to reach them through the “contact us” page or social media.

James Ewell
Co-Founder and Husband/Farmer

Thank you for visiting our farm site.  My name is James Ewell and I am Williamsburg, VA born & raised.  I am the lucky man who gets to claim to be “Paige’s husband.”  I have a love for nature, self-sufficiency, primitive skill conservation and making people laugh.  I fell in love with a beautiful Dragon Princess; we began a dream together to start a family that lives off the land and has God, family, and the preservation of agriculture and community at its basis.

As a child you would find me catching frogs, snakes, and turtles. I have memories of hatching 5 snapping turtle eggs after a raccoon had raided the nest. I got my first snake when I was 5.  He is a red tail boa who is 7.5 feet long and is now 19 years old. I acquired more reptiles over the years, doing reptile shows for events, including the one I met Paige at. Throughout the years, my parents would let me get rabbits, chickens, ducks, and turkeys. I also worked with horses and other farm animals in Utah, obtaining a love for the farm life.


One day, as Paige mentions, we found out there are people who strive to live off the grid and be self-sufficient while providing for their family and friends – something called “homesteading!” I had no idea that all my dreams of what I wanted to do, other people were doing successfully. I could provide a life for this woman who I wanted to marry.  Provide a place to raise kids and a life that lets them grow to their full potential. And so it began on a small 2-acre farm (now), surrounded by neighborhoods and buildings (we blend in).


If I could use one word to describe myself, it would be enthusiastically-imaginatively-mountain man-wannabe.  I have a twin sister who is artsy, travel-loving, brewery-visiting, sport-enjoying, beautiful, short, brown-eyed, and competitive… opposite of me in every way, which makes us the best twins ever!


I enjoy knowing where our food comes from, that our meat lives a happy & healthy life, and that my future kids will learn skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.  My interests include, but are not limited to, tanning buckskin into leather, wild edible foods, sledding, Paige, cooking meat, and fishing & hunting.

Thank you for visiting our farm’s site.  Check back in with us from time to time!


Paige Ewell
Co-Founder and Wife/Farmer

Hello and thank you for visiting Wildwood Farm’s website!  My name is Paige Ewell and I have lived in Williamsburg for a little over a decade now.  Being a child of a military family, I lived in a few different places in earlier years of my life.  When I was nine years old, my family moved here to Williamsburg where my dad eventually retired.  This is where I did most of my growing up from a child to a young adult.  Williamsburg has definitely become home in my heart, especially being the place where I met and married James.  Now, we are beginning our lives together in a common goal striving for a self-sufficient lifestyle that we believe in with all our hearts.


I’ve always loved animals and working with my hands.  If I can find a way to do it with my own two hands, creativity, and imagination, I will.  It brings me great joy and satisfaction to tap into & use the creative talents God has gifted me with.  Some of my interests include: self-sufficient living & animals (of course), making natural soaps (obviously), hiking, sewing, crafting, dragons, pottery, woodworking, kayaking, reading fantasy books (I love Lord of the Rings), gardening, learning about herbs & natural herbal remedies, and much more!


For a while before I learned about self-sufficient living, I found myself longing for simplicity, feeling trapped in our hectic, busy, stress-filled world.  All of the over-scheduled, busy, anxiety-riddled ways our society demands just did not make sense to me.  I believed all of the pressure caused breakdowns within individuals as well as whole families, one of the primary places where true happiness & contentment should derive.  Coming from a family of six children, I desired to have a big, loving family of my own one day.  However, I wanted it within a way of life that would slow down and truly allow us to bond and work together.  So I yearned for simplicity, but had no idea how or where to find it.


Happening upon an episode of Alaska: The Last Frontier one day, James and I discovered a homesteading way of life that we could take on.  Inspired, we started our little farm with 25 chickens, which has now  become over 40 free-range hens, Nigerian dwarf goats, rabbits, and a few colonies of honey bees.


It is important to us that our animals live happy and healthy lives.  We eliminate as much wastefulness as possible by composting & recycle as much as we can.  Every day, we continue to grow, learn and expand with more surprises and development in mind for the future!  I have found this DIY, hardworking, self-sustaining lifestyle to be extremely fulfilling & satisfying, and am excited to share it with mine & James’ future family.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read about us and our farmstead.  Come back to check up on us every now and then to see all the new & exciting things we’re working on!

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