This package is built for those struggling with excess oiliness on their skin. Eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils help to wick away excess oiliness while light-weight grapeseed oil is used to condition skin without adding extra moisture. 


When you lather our Eucalyptus & Charcoal goat milk soap, you’ll smell the fresh burst of eucalyptus and feel the smooth rich lather of goats milk. But what your senses may not immediately realize is the eucalyptus essential oil working to remove excess oils and activated charcoal purifying clogged pores. This soap is sure to leave your skin feeling soft and clean!

Follow up with our Rosemary Citrus herbal scrub to refresh and uplift your senses! Exfoliate your hands, face, or body with rosemary essential oil as it helps to remove extra oils while lemon oil cleanses and helps combat acne. 


Use our all natural Rosemary & Mint beeswax lip stuff for daily refreshment and smooth lips. Not to mention, the amazing soothing tingle effect from the peppermint essential oil!


  • Eucalyptus & Charcoal soap

  • Rosemary Citrus herbal scrub

  • Rosemary & Mint lip stuff

Oily Skin

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